We have a FaceBook Secret Group.   it is a great place to meet people and chat with friends.

In order to join you to a secret group, Facebook requires that you be a friend to join you.  So you will have to send a friends request for us to add you. Here is the link to our profile so you can friend us.  https://www.FaceBook.com/JimVal.Playtime 

Rules to join:

1) Female profiles and Profiles with the first name of both people of the couple are always acceptable.  Our profile is Jim Val.  We also have a group profile of JV Playtime as FB only allows us to invite so many people to an event we need 2 accounts.

2) Male profiles must have a committed relationship status and it must be visible to public so everyone in the group can see it. Group members alert us to this issue fairly quickly and you will be banned permanently if you change it and do not leave the group.

To Set Relationship status and visibility:

Timeline > About > in the section Basic Information point at the relationship item and 'Edit' and an audience preference icon will appear > click on the icon and an edit window opens, click on the icon in the window and a dropdown menu will open that allows you to set the privacy to "Public".


Privacy tips

Privacy can be important to people.  Set your privacy settings in Facebook.  

  • We recommend you set your timeline and Tagging settings to "Friends" to limit who can post and see your timeline.  Be careful who you friend.  The most common mistake is allowing people to post unwanted items to their timeline.  Remember friends posts on thier timelines automatically go to your timeline.

  • Some people like to create a seperate profile for groups like ours.  If you decide to do this, please create a profile for both of you and have a picture of you on it.  It is acceptable to leave out your face or identfying tattoo's etc.  We just like you to show your a couple.

  • Set your relationship status.  

Have fun.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our events