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Hotel Party Rules

Hi everyone.  With the event approaching we wanted to communicate some information to you. 

  • This was in the event description but have had several people ask.  There is an open bar and the hotel has a liquor license so you may not BYOB into the main areas of the hotel.  Soft drinks are provided for diner and the open bar but feel free to bring your own if you wish.

  • As always at these events, towels are in demand.  If you plan on visiting the pool, you may want to bring your own.

  • The room areas will be closed to the hotel staff after 5:00.  If you need anything after that you will need to go to the front desk.  If there is a problem with the room, it will not be addressed until during the party unless it is critical like a busted pipe.  Check your TV and stuff before then to ensure its working.

  • Again, no smoking anywhere in the building.  This includes vaping.  No 420 smoking anywhere. There will be a smoking area outside.  Clothing will be required while outside.

  • Cell Phones You may only have your cell phone out in your room, outside, and by the front desk.  If you have your cell phone out elsewhere it will be taken.  If you even appear you are taking pics, we will make you show us your pics and if you took any they will be deleted and you will be removed from the event and banned, permanently. EVERYONE deserves this privacy.  Let’s not have any problems here, PLEASE!!!

  • •    Leave your room in good condition.  Pick up excessive trash.  Trashbags are available at our check-in desk. 


Please take a few minutes to read all the rules below.

1)  Our event rules are to help ensure that everyone has a great time and at the same time provide some guidelines to show everyone the respect they deserve.

2)  The first and most important rule is “Ask First”.  You should always ask and be clearly invited before touching anyone. Don’t assume and don’t just touch.  Please don’t make us ask you to leave over this rule.

3)  Second and equally important. Absence of a yes is a No. No mean NO!  Don’t ask why, just take no for an answer.  Even if you have already been “active”, No means NO!  Stop means Stop!

4)  Participation in any activities is entirely optional.  No one is obligated to participate in anything.

5)  Condom use is required within the open group play rooms.  Even if you are with your partner.  What you do in a private hotel room is up to you.

 6) We have a zero tolerance policy for drama. If you and your partner are having issues we ask that you remove yourselves from the party quietly. If we or any event staff have to get involved you will be not only removed from the event you will also be removed from the group. We understand that from time to time issues arise but they must be resolved without causing a scene and disrupting the other guests at our events. Our guests attend our events to have a great time not to witness or mediate your issues. This is why we ask you to simply leave quietly.

7) You must show up and stay as a couple. You will not be able to enter event if both partners are not present. You must stay at the hotel as a couple at the party and after party. If your female partner retires for the night, then you must end your night as well.

8)  Rude and obnoxious behavior will not be permitted.  What constitutes rude or obnoxious is at the sole discretion of the hosts for the evening.

9)  No video or pictures are permitted within the hotel.  This includes cell phones. If it even appears you are taking pictures you will be asked to leave and be banned.  No refunds.

10) No theft of any kind, if it not yours; don’t take it

11) You will be issued an event wristband at the door when entering the event.  You must wear the wristband at all times.  If you lose it you will be charged an entry fee again.  If it falls off or breaks, bring it to the desk and we will give you another one.  If you are not wearing one, you will be asked to leave the event.  There will also be some optional wrist bands to indicate some of your play preferences.

12) The whole hotel is non-smoking.  Anyone smoking in the hotel will be asked to leave.  Smoking is allowed out front of the hotel.  Clothing will be required while outside.

13) Drugs are strictly prohibited!  No drugs of any kind!  No 420 use in the hotel or in hotel rooms! Any violent behavior of any kind, will have you immediately removed and subject to arrest!  Anyone compromising our relationship with the hotel by violating these rules, will be subject to ejection and/or arrest and permanently banned from all future events!

14) Most areas are clothing optional.  The pool area is has clothing free hours.  The front desk is clothing required (vanilla) as well as the dining area during dinner.

15) Something a little different at hotel parties is the open door policy.  If you leave your room door wide open, you are inviting people in.  Just because you are inviting them into your room doesn’t mean they are being invited to play.  The “ask First” rule does still apply.

Turn over page.



16) No glass of any kind outside of your room. Use all plastic please!

17) If you are asked to leave the event. There are no refunds and the hotel will still charge you for the room.  This has never happened yet.  Lets keep it that way.

18) You will be asked to sign a simple waiver when entering so bring your driver’s license.  You may not attend without it.  Here is the text for the waiver.

The undersigned “Promisor” hereby releases Lifestyle Playtime, all staff and all event hosts (Referred to as “LP”) and agrees to indemnify and hold LP harmless for and against any and all claims, costs, fees (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), expenses, fines, and related charges that are incurred by LP as a result of any activity or occurrence that occurs at, or is related directly or indirectly to, any event.

LP’s release and indemnification obligations under this paragraph shall not be affected or diminished to any extent, regardless of whether any Claim for which release and indemnity is sought is based in contract, negligence, tort, or other legal theory. LP shall have the right, but not the obligation, to govern and control the defense and disposition of any claim brought against it, with reasonable input from Promisor.

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