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Party Policy Q and A's



  1. Do I have to arrive at 11:30am and/or check into the hotel at 3:00pm?  No.  These are the times that things start.  If you arrive later than that you may miss out on some of the fun but there will be plenty more to be had. You must let us know if you cannot arrive by 8pm and may not arrive after 10pm. Open bar will be 7:00 until 10:00.

  2. Why do we not get a full refund if we cancel after a certain date?  We allow a full refund up until the time we start incurring expenses to make the party happen.  We have guaranteed the hotel we rent a specific number of rooms to maintain the exclusive use of the public areas.  We have to order good based on signed up people and many other things.  The amount we hold back represents some of those costs.

  3. Why is the party more if we do not have a hotel room?   The hotel is offering a very discounted rate open bar and has included dinner with the hotel rate.  If you don't get a hotel room, we do not have that discounting for you and the additional amount covers our additional cost.  Dinner is still being offered at the discounted rate of $25.00 a couple instead of $21.95 a person.

  4. Why can't I attend the early events if I don't want to get a room or purchase dinner? Our hosts are volunteers and are busy enough.  We are not managing who paid for dinner or not.  If your not having dinner, your not admitted past the lobby and into the event until after 7:00.

  5. Why must we use condoms in the open and group play rooms even with our committed partners?  This is for everyone's protection and comfort.  Some people may be embarrassed or uneasy about asking for one to be used so the policy is simple "Use a condom".  Others don't necessarily know who your partner is and shouldn't have to figure out who is with who.   We will provide plenty of condoms for your use.  If you don't want to use one simply go back to your room.  Invite people in or just leave the door open  if you like.  What occurs in your room is up to you and those that join you.

  6. Why is there no smoking in the hotel?  Sorry, Illinois law backs the hotel with their decision that all rooms are non-smoking.  Do not jeopardize our relationship with the hotel.  We work hard to get them to be as liberal as we can.  Finding a hotel willing to cater to our group is not an easy thing to do.

  7. I don't drink and don't need the open bar.  Can I have a discount?   The short answer is no. The hotel will not distinguish between people who may or may not pay for the open bar.  Too many people would get a drink and give it to friends that are no on the open bar package.   We also got a rate on the open bar that is great so even with just soft drinks it would be cheaper than a cash bar for most people.

  8. Can I still use the pool and hot tub and remain clothed?  Yes, during the clothing optional hours. There will be clothing optional hours (5 until 10pm) and nude only hours (10pm until 2am).

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