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Everyone is here to have a good time.  That starts with having a safe venue where everyone is free to enjoy the music and the company without having to worry about being treated rudely.  Always ask before touching someone.  Not only is it respectful, it is expected.  As always No means No. If you are a genuine and nice person, you're likely to meet some people interested in getting to know you a little better.  Respect everyone's personal space and privacy. Remember what happens at the club, stays at the club.


Practice Good Hygiene

Its surprising to say but you should look and smell your best when going to a club.  Take a shower, put on something nice and head on out.

No Always Means No

You'd think this would be pretty obvious, but it's important to reiterate: if someone says no, that's exactly what they mean. It's also important to note if someone says "maybe later," or something similar, that should also be taken as "no." When in doubt, don't do anything unless the person explicitly says "yes."   Always Ask first.  Yes, this includes you ladies.  You need to ask first and no means no to you too.


Comfort Zone

If you're not sure whether you'll be stepping out of your comfort zone while swinging, just do the stuff you like doing, and keep the sexual experimentation to the privacy of your own home. Sex parties are for having fun, not being freaked out. Also, don't be afraid to turn down someone who want's you to do something you're not comfortable with, just remember to be friendly.  You will never be required to do anything at any time.  Well, our hosts will talk with you if your not mingling, just to break the ice....

Clean Up After Yourself

If you're running around naked in a sex club, the last thing you want to do is sit down in a mysterious wet spot. If you make a mess with a drink - or something else - isn't the point, clean up after yourself and leave the place better off than when you found it. Being a good guest at any party means cleaning up after yourself.

Have Fun

The lifestyle is about having fun.  Relax and let the evening develop.  Take in some dancing, have some food meet some people and enjoy the evening.  Put your best foot forward and show people your positive self.  You'll be amazed at how much better the world is with that positive outlook.

General Event Rules

  • No cell phone usage except in designated areas. Even though there may not be any nudity, other people may not want to be in the background of a photo.

  • The most important person in the club is the person who came with you.

  • If you experience a problem, please let us know right away.  Its hard to address the issue a day or week later.

  • Discretion is a must, for you and everyone else.

  • No cameras or recording devices

  • Discuss your rules and boundaries as a couple prior to attending an event.

  • Leave the drama at home.  If your drama spills into the club, you will be asked to leave.

  • Needless to say but we will.  Theft, fighting, rude or obnoxious behavior will win you a trip to somewhere else but here, permanently.

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