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Schedule of Events


Hotel Checkin early.  Official time is 3pm but last party all rooms were ready by 1ish.  If your room is not ready yet, you can still join the part and check in your room soon.  You can leave your bag in the car or the hotel will hold it behind the counter if needed.

7 to 11am           Hotel Restaurant open for Breakfast
1pm – 1:30am    Pool and Hot Tub – Pool area is: 1-9 Clothing Optional, 9-2am No Clothing

3 to 4:30 pm       Scavenger Hunt -  Join us for our sexy version of the game. Meet some new people and learn something about us all…  Great fun.

5pm                     New Couple Mixer in the private dining room across from the ballroom dining room.

Whether you are new to the Lifestyle, new to this type of event or just looking to hang out, come by the meeting room on the first floor and hang out.  We will start with some tips on etiquette, have an activity to get people acquainted and our hosts will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.  Experienced couples welcome as well.

6 pm                    Dinner

Dinner will be served in the main ballroom.  Soft drinks and a cash bar Open bar is 7-11

The hotel is clothing required until 7:00 pm.  The pool, meeting room and dining area will be open to mix and mingle.  Feel free to wander the halls and other social areas meeting people.  This is a great time to meet some people before the night begins. 

7pm-2am            Clothing optional hours in pool and hallways all floors.  

                             Main Ballroom is clothing required until after dinner. (approx. 7ish)

1pm-1:30am      Pool area is: 1-9 Clothing Optional, 9-1:30am No Clothing

7pm                     Dance to the sounds of DJ Robert, Enjoy the open bar 7 to 11 and everything else.

8pm – 2am         Rooms 319 and 321open for group play.  Everyone is welcome.  Ask first rules still apply.

Various                Dungeon off main atrium!!! Fun in Room 409.  Sybian Room 309

Throughout the night there are several people who are hosting hospitality get together in their rooms.  These are guests that wanted to contribute to the fun so times and rooms will vary.  Walk around the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors.  You’ll find them.  Hospitality events range from Dildo Races to Trivia to a Sex Swing room.  There will be a pop-up dungeon on the first floor off the atrium.

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